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Securely manage the surge in demand for virtual care and temporary field hospitals and clinics.

Transition to telehealth

Serve more patients virtually with highly secure Blue Tac, which supports HIPAA compliance requirements.

Expand access

Rapidly connect new healthcare sites and set up temporary field-hospital and clinical spaces in remote locations with Cisco Meraki.


Hospitals and surgery rooms have a growing need for remote diagnosis and treatment that involves video, audio, and data interaction. Large amounts of uncompressed video are being sent from surgery rooms to remote offices. This allows remote medical experts to provide advice or even operate surgical equipment. Tele-presence requires 3.6Gbps for ultra high HD, which will put a strain on networks. In addition, the mission-critical nature of traffic from medical devices will require next-level connectivity. There is also new potential for IoT, including asset tracking, made more useful with the new features of Wi-Fi 6 like 2.4 GHz operation and TWT for power savings. In fact, healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries for IoT growth. 

Zero-risk product trials for your customers

Try any Cisco Meraki product on their network at no charge. We’ll ship them the gear and provide technical support to get them set up.

Does my customer need to provide a credit card to trial? 

Customers are asked to provide billing information as a safeguard, but it’s a risk-free evaluation. For public sector customers with no credit card, contact your Blue Tac rep for more options.

Can a customer add additional gear to an open trial?

Yes! They can have additional gear sent out by opening multiple trials with their Meraki rep.

How does a customer return the gear?

If the customer decides Meraki isn’t for them, they simply pack the gear back in its original box, attach the provided shipping label, and mail it back to Meraki.

Can the customer keep the gear?

Absolutely, if the customer would like to keep the gear, work with your Blue Tac rep to convert the trial to a purchase.

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