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Welcome to the Mastering your business

Wes Sneed

How My Journey Started

At the beginning of last summer, I started a long journey with an awesome business coach Chris Williams,

I went to him with no plans, no goals running my business by the seat of my pants.   I’ll say it: I was completely 100% lost on how to build and manage my business.  

I had no idea how to build relationships, how to market, how to sell.


As some of you know I’m not a sales guy I’m a Tech guy that knows Tech. Let’s face it, most of us tech guys are not easy to talk with, we use that Tech talk that only we know.

After going through the training I understood how to talk to people and build an organic audience.

After having a lot of people come to me and ask, “how do you get leads” “how can I do what you’re doing”. I said you know It’s time for me to give back and Teach you the skills I’ve learned that changed my business.


My Offer for you!

12 Weeks for a deep dive into your business

Where we start with lay a solid foundation.

 how to get market attraction.

We will even have an SEO expert, come talk, and show you some tricks of the trade.

We’ll also take a deep dive into Facebook groups.

The most impotent part is building relationships.


This class isn’t made for lazy people, nor is it for everyone, I’m only opening up the class for 15 people. Yes, you will have work for it.

 I’ll offer a free 30 min coaching call to group members who have a desire to improve their business.

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