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Layer 7 Application Visibility

Traffic analytics and granular, user-level data help optimize network and user performance. Layer 7 visib-ility combined with the group policy feature provides the IT admin greater flexibility in designing their privacy policies.

Location Analytics

Real-time location statistics improve customer engagement by capturing total number of visitors, total visits for a given site, repeat visit rate, and median visit length. IT admins can now drive business for their sites.

Meraki Health

A powerful heuristics engine that rapidly identifies anomalies impacting end users’ experience across every stage of client connectivity, even extending beyond wireless to LAN and WAN.

Auto RF Optimization

Delivers top performance in high-density or challenging environments by providing real-time and historical metrics on maximum system-wide performance.

Air Marshal (Wireless Intrusion Prevention)

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Guest Wi-Fi

Instantly set up guest access using WiFi with a splash page, radius server, SMS, or Facebook login via the Meraki dashboard.

Zero-touch DNS layer security

Deploy zero-touch DNS-layer security powered by Cisco Umbrella using the Advanced and Upgrade licenses.

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