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Partial List of Most Commonly Requested Features

  •   Call Forwarding (Manual or Programmed Auto) -Direct a call to a mobile or telephone number where the desired called party is available.

  •   After-Hours / Holiday Forwarding- Direct your calls during non-business hours. Promotes business availability even when your office is closed.

  •   Day / Night / Lunch Modes – Route calls during the day, night, or lunch to ensure you do not lose business while the phone is unattended.

  •   CRM Integration – Provide high quality customer service and improve efficiency with CRM integration which offers Call transcriptions, call

    recordings, customer account screen pop, contact creation, plus inbound and outbound call journaling. Identifies customers as they call your

    mobile device by recognizing the number and linking their account. (Custom Programming available at a charge)

  •   Mobile Application – Allows you to use a mobile device as a desk phone. Mask the mobile number as though you were calling from your desk,

    transfer internal and external calls via your mobile device.

  •   eFax – Receive and send fax via a portal or email. Ensure that your fax will not be lost plus save money on ink and paper.

  •   Automated Attendant(s)- Voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through an operator or

    receptionist. The auto-attendant is also known as a digital receptionist. [Company Directory, Dial by Extension or Name, Multilingual, and

    Special Ring Groups/ Departments]

  •   Message-on-Hold and Music-on-Hold Customized recorded message(s) or music to fill the silence that would be experienced by telephone

    callers who have been placed on hold.

  •   BLFs (Busy Lamp Field) -An indicator on the IP Phone to show if a colleague in a specific extension is available, or on a call.

  •   Presence- Multi-color indicator in the Web Client and Mobile App that shows whether an extension is available, away, in Do Not Disturb, At

    Lunch or Other. Also shows if an extension is on a current call.

  •   Automatic Call Re-Routing in Case of Power Failures -3CX detects if an extension is not registered due to internet and power interruptions and

    forwards calls to an outside number or a user’s mobile device.

    •   Video or Audio Call Conference Bridging from Web or 3CX App – Online service by which you can hold live meetings, conferencing, presentations, and trainings. Connect to the conference either by telephone, using a computer, or the 3CX Mobile App.

    •   Remote Screen Sharing – Through our Web Conference feature, share access to a given computer screen.

    •   Page / Intercom by System or Group – Intercom extensions or groups via desk phones or paging horn(s).

    •   Call Logging and Call Reporting – Track telephone calls and create reports to improve productivity. Recurring reports can be generated at a

      scheduled date and time and can be sent to a designated email. Reports can include links to call recordings.

    •   Call Recording (Full Auto or Selective) -Record all calls or selected extensions. Choose whether users can start or stop recordings manually.

    •   Call Monitoring – A quality control feature that enables management to listen in on calls between an agent and the customer without

      interrupting the call.

    •   Call Coaching – During Call Monitoring, speak to the agent without the customer being able to hear.

    •   Call Barging -Interact with the Agent and customer by joining the conversation in progress.

    •   Professional Voicemail for each Station -Equip each extension with a personalized voicemail.

    •   Voicemail to Email – Receive voicemails as a WAV file via email.

    •   Phone Location Flexibility -Use Your Phones Anywhere in the World with an active Internet Connection

    •   Caller ID Name & Number – Identifies and displays the telephone number of an incoming call.

    •   Customer Web Portal – Manage your phone system, features, Admin and User Levels. Plus, Improve internal communication via Web Chat.

    •   Text Enabled DIDs supporting SMS – Send and Receive SMS on any text enabled number. (External SMS available at a charge)

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